There are basically three things you want to know about us as a prospective service provider:

• Who are we?
• What can we do for you?
• And how much will it cost you?

1. As IT Consultants each of our network engineers has a number of industry recognized certifications, everything from Cisco Certified Network Administrator to the top Microsoft certification, the MCSE.

What does this mean for you as a prospective client?

This simply means that Penn Valley Networks, Inc. has the requisite level of competency and expertise honed over nearly twenty years of industry experience that you as a valued customer not only desire and not only need but also deserve.

2. What can we as an IT Network Solutions provider do for you and your company?

As for our company, we’ve been happily servicing and meeting the needs of our customers/clients since the early 2000’s.

You see we’ve been able to last as long as we have in this highly competitive space, being not just one of many Philadelphia IT consulting firms, but because we take pride in delivering premium IT solutions for our clients. Services we perform on time, given time constraints and performed in a highly professional manner. Not only that, we highly regard the needs of the client and make their satisfaction the foundation of our customer service process.

And if we are fortunate enough to earn your business, you can expect an equal level of process excellence from us as well and at a cost that hopefully you deem acceptable.

3. How much can you expect to pay for premium IT services?

Where is it written that paying for premium service means that it should be at a premium amount? Not only will you not be asked to pay more than you absolutely have to but also whatever price quote you receive from us you’ll see will be better than anything you’ve been quoted to that point.

So if what you and your company desire is an experienced and competent IT consulting firm that is capable of providing a complete managed it services approach, which will value your business and make your satisfaction the highest priority then there’s only one thing left to do.

Contact us so that we can discuss your current and future IT needs.